From The Founder Desk



Dear parents and students,

Indian Defence forces have always attracted the countrymen in general and youth in particular because of their Valor, grit, determination and ability to snatch victory against heavy odds. The officer cadre of Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force have always led from front in all wars, battles and campaigns ; have made supreme sacrifices to ensure 'Victory always and all ways'. The recent strike by Indian Air Force at Balakot in Pakistan, overcoming enemy's anti aircraft missiles and F-16 planes, is a story of extreme Courage, Patriotism Intelligence, and determination of Indian Air Force officers. These officers are the real life heroes who create respect and love for the uniformed forces of India.

At Cane Bridge Institute we are also determined to prepare young boys from all over the country to be academically sound, physically fit and morally upright who can pass the National Defence Academy examination and Technical Entry Scheme of Indian Army, Navy & Air Force to be officers at a very young age. We have emerged as feeder institution to NDA & TES as large number of boys trained by us havealready joined NDA. While we have a sound and accomplished faculty to teach at UPSC & CBSE level, we have also tied up with Institution for Defence orientation (IFDO) Hyderabad headed by Ex. Army, Navy & Air Force Officer for preparation of our students for Services Selection Board (SSB) Interviews.

Our two years power packed program of NDA/TES preparation will definitely help your son to achieve his aim of becoming an officer at a very young age. Our NDA exam crash course immediately after finishing of CBSE Class XII exam will also be of immense value to the students appearing in the UPSC NDA Examination.

We are sanguine that with our accomplished faculty's guidance and students determination and deep aspiration to become officers though NDA/TES in the Indian Defence Forces will definitely help them in achieving their aim.

"We wish our students Godspeed in their endeavors!"

तुम रजनी के चाँद बनोगे? या दिन के मार्त्तण्ड प्रखर?
एक बात है मुझे पूछनी, फूल बनोगे या पत्थर?
तेल, फुलेल, क्रीम, कंघी से नकली रूप सजाओगे?
या असली सौन्दर्य लहू का आनन पर चमकाओगे?

राष्ट्रकवि रामधारी सिंह जी दिनकर